Why Ali Cool Cab is Better than App Based Cab Companies

There are many mobile application based cab companies like OLA and UBER are also providing taxi service for Mumbai to Pune journey and Pune to Mumbai journey.

But before hiring cabs from them, you will need to aware about some facts, which are given below:

Less Transparency in Billing

During taxi booking, their applications will show you the estimate price only, but once you reach your destination you will see a huge difference in rates.
This is because, during your journey their billing meter is on. Moreover, they also calculate the time of the journey and distance, thus these factors raise the price. For example, if you face traffic during the journey, then you will have to pay extra for that time also. Similarly, to avoid traffic, if you decide to choose another route, then again your final bill will be different from the estimate.

Less Control on Cab Drivers

For the drivers, the process of joining these cab companies is very easy. They just need to submit few document, and then they can join. These companies do not have any mechanism to check the backgrounds of their drivers. Therefore, it is always risky to hire a cab from them.

Why Ali Cool Cab?

Ali Cool Cab
Ali Cool Cab

Our billing system is completely transparent. During booking, we will quote you the exact price which you need to pay at the end of the journey. We will not charge you single rupees above the committed taxi charge. In addition, we know each and every cab driver on a personal level. Thus, our drivers are more reliable and trustworthy.

Moreover, Ali Cool Cab is successfully providing Taxi service in Mumbai, Pune segment from last 16 years. Thus, we have a better experience of providing car rental service than any other company.

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