How Long Does It Take to Get from Pune to Mumbai, India?

Pune to Mumbai

Pune and Mumbai are the two largest cities in the Indian State of Maharashtra. If you’re touring the country, there’s a good chance that you will visit one or both.

Pune is the second largest of the two. It creates the urban core of the Pune Metropolitan Region. It’s also recognized as the IT hub of India as well as the country’s top automobile and manufacturing region. Visitors love to stay in Pune thanks to its historic and religious landmarks, museums, hotels, parks, cultural attractions, and cool weather.

Mumbai was once known as Bombay. It serves as the capital of Maharashtra as well as the commercial and financial center of India. It is one of the first locations most people think of when asked to name the country’s cities.

Mumbai is also the primary spot for fashion and the Indian film industry. Visitors discover a wealth of things to do here, including tours, religious sites, beaches, and museums.

Pune to Mumbai by Air

There are three travel methods most people use to travel between Pune and Mumbai. The fastest is by air. Total flight time is 45 minutes from one city to the other. Travelers should expect to pay more for this option. A flight from Pune to Mumbai costs approximately Rs. 3232.

Pune to Mumbai by Train

If you want to save some money but don’t want to ride the bus, there are trains. A ticket from Mumbai to Pune costs around Rs. 60, making this the most economical option. It is much cheaper than the cost of airfare, but it also takes approximately an hour and a half to complete the journey.

Pune to Mumbai by Bus

The third option is to buy a bus ticket. This option takes around 3 hours and 15 minutes to go from one city to the other. It costs more than the train at around Rs.266 but is still significantly cheaper than a plane ride.

The Cost of Travel in India

All visitors should check the current rates for their preferred mode of travel. Low-cost airplane tickets may be available at certain times. You should also consider trip duration and comfort before deciding on a travel method.

Many visitors find that longer journeys are best taken on a train, where you have more space to relax. The downside is that some foreign visitors may have difficulty booking railway tickets. There may be limited seats available for tourists in some areas. If so, these seats may already be reserved by the time you arrive at the train station.

A travel agent can help you secure passage between Mumbai and Pune before you arrive in India. If you plan to travel as a group, you should also consider getting a quote for a private car with a driver. This might be a more convenient option that is worthwhile if you have multiple people coming along. Do your research to find the best mode of travel for you when moving between Pune and Mumbai.