What Should I Do in Mumbai?: 5 Attractions and Activities You Shouldn’t Miss

Gateway of India

There is so much to see and do in Mumbai, India! Narrowing down your options may be the hardest part of the trip. You want to get the full experience but may only have a short time to do it. If you’re planning a journey to Mumbai, then here is a list of five must-see attractions that will help you get started.

Bask in the Beauty of Marine Drive in Mumbai

Marine Drive in Mumbai is a sight to behold! Plan to visit at dusk when the sun goes down and the lights turn on. The effect is stunning. You’ll see breathtaking scenery along the Arabian Sea. Many people make a point to stop here to watch the sunset. The promenade spans over 3 km.

See the Famous Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is an arch-monument that was constructed to commemorate the arrival of the first British monarch in 1911. Construction was finished in 1924. It’s a popular site for tourists and serves as a gathering place for locals.

If you see the Gateway of India, you may also want to plan a visit to tour the nearby Elephant Caves. Mumbai’s prestigious Taj Mahal Hotel is located close to the Gateway of India, making it a convenient stop for guests staying there.

Explore the Ancient Kanheri Caves

Travelers who love ancient history should check out the Kanheri Caves. This landmark is a series of rock-cut monuments and caves located in Sanjay Gandhi National Park on the outskirts of Mumbai.

The caves were once used by Buddhist viharas for studying, meditating, and living. They contain intricate carvings and pillars. Cave 34 contains unfinished paintings of Buddha along its ceiling. Many of the works of art date back to the 1st to the 10th Century CE.

Meditate at the Global Vipassana Pagoda

The Global Vipassana Pagoda is a stunning and significant landmark. This meditation dome hall was constructed entirely on donations. It is meant to share information about Vipassana and the teachings of Gotama the Buddha. It is the largest meditation hall of its kind in the world.

The site also includes relics of the Buddha within its 8,000-seat hall. Two smaller pagodas are positioned along its north and south sides. Its foundation was built using basalt while the dome was crafted from sandstone brought in from Rajasthan.

India’s Largest Amusement Park, Essel World

Essel World is the largest amusement park in India. Found in Gorai Mumbai, it is accessible by ferry from Marve Beach Malad or Gorai Creek Borivali.

Get soaked on the Aqua Drive or spin to your heart’s content on the Enterprise. The Shot-N-Drop is India’s tallest tower ride. The park also offers something for families with children, like the Boat Ride and Caterpillar. Food is available on-site, ranging from snacks and lunch to Italian, Chinese, and fast food options.

These are just a handful of the many attractions and landmarks found in Mumbai, India. Plan your trip early so you can see as much of this beautiful city as possible!